SOPs of Monitoring

  • Initially Monitoring remained carried out as per SOP duly approved by the Secretary PPD conveyed vide letter No. DIR(O&R)PPD/7-40/2011/1823 Dated : 09-08-2011
  • But inspections remained not limited to that SOP only
  • Directions of Secretary PPD issued from time to time also being considered in inspections

Prosecutorial Record

The monitoring of Prosecutorial Record are as under:

  • Level of Scrutiny of reports u/s 173 Cr.P.C by Prosecutors at the time of submission of the same into court. (Per Requirements of Code of Conduct)
  • Preparation of Case Review / Report u/s 9(7) PCPS Act-2006 and its submission to Court while submission report u/s 173 Cr.P.C. (Per Requirements of Code of Conduct)
  • Preparation of Prosecution Brief / Trial Notes by Prosecutors in cases under their charge.
  • Collection of Copies of judgments not Favorable to Prosecution
  • Prosecutorial Decision thereon and transmission of grounds of appeal to  PGP office / Administrative Department
  • Every Prosecutor is supposed to submit its prosecutorial decision in shape to recommendation coupled with copy of decision to the District Appeal Committee.

Acquittal Cases

  • Whether Acquittal in the case is liable to be challenged before superior court on certain grounds or not. (Fit for Appeal / Not Fit for Appeal)

Conviction Cases

  • Whether conviction in case is sufficient or the verdict need to challenge before superior court

District Appeal Committee

Below mentioned are the Working of District Appeal Committee

  • District Appeal Committee constituted in every District comprising Senior Prosecutors having vast experience
  • DAC is supposed to render its unanimous decision on all recommendations of prosecutors submitted to Committee
  • DAC is to consider whether there is realistic prospect of the appeal to succeed or not (Keeping in view facts of case / available evidence)
  • Cases considered by DAC ? Whether cases are in consonance with the figure of decision submitted to Directorate of Monitoring on monthly basis
  • Preparation of Minutes of Meetings
  • Follow up – Filing of Appeal at District Level
  • Forwarding of Grounds of Appeal to PGP office