The Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service Inspectorate was established as the Directorate of Inspections in 2008. This Inspectorate was renamed as the Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service Inspectorate in 2018.  The PCPSI is an attached department of the Public Prosecution Department, Government of Punjab. The Department is responsible for inspecting the work of the Criminal Prosecution Service.

The Director General, who is the head of the Department, administers the Inspectorate and is responsible for ensuring periodic and unannounced inspections of the work of the CPS. Inspections are conducted by:

  • Director General
  • Directors
  • Deputy Directors
  • Senior Law Officer
  • Assistant Directors

The PSPCI has an office in Lahore from where it conducts its work. The office is reasonably well equipped and resourced. The vision of the department is to ensure dispensation of justice through qualitative monitoring and evaluation.


The mission of the department is as under:

  • Strive for excellence in the Prosecution Service through effective monitoring, coordination and accountability
  • Bring reforms and improvement through inspections
  • Help identify problems in the criminal justice system and provide evidence-based suggestions for improvement


The Inspectorate adheres and works to uphold the following core values in its inspection work:


  • Provide a true, fair and balanced picture of the state of Prosecutorial Services
  • Provide information freely in so far as is consistent with the rights of the person involved


  • Establish a positive and healthy relationship with the Criminal Prosecution Service to enable it to bring a positive change
  • Recommend actions which will bring real and sustainable change

Bring Offenders to Justice

  • Helping prosecutors obtain correct determinations in ways that are compliant with human rights
  • Helping prosecutors ensure consistent and fairer sentencing


  • Enabling prosecutors to take their decisions to the highest standards of excellence