The Inspectorate does not perform or check performance of line management functions, it has to report serious/widespread violations to the Prosecutor General and the Prosecution Department once they come to its knowledge.

Agencies Inspected

The Inspectorate only inspects the work of the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS). It does not inspect prosecution decisions taken by other agencies like the Provincial Quality Control Board or other authorities empowered to grant sanction for prosecution of cases.


The Inspectorate inspects the following aspects of the CPS work:

  • Processing and pursuit of remand applications
  • Processing and quality assessment of police reports
  • Withdrawal of cases which were not recommended for trial
  • Contest of bail applications
  • Requests for cancellation
  • Prosecution of cases in court
  • Review and processing of judgments for appeal processes
  • Distribution of work among prosecutors
  • Administration of the office of DPP

Thematic Areas Inspected

The following thematic areas are inspected by the Inspectorate:

  • Serious cases (rape and murder)
  • Corruption cases
  • Narcotics cases
  • Drug cases

Inspections Conducted

  • The Inspectorate conducts both periodic and unannounced inspections.