Data Management Cell

The reason behind establishment of the cell is to collect error free data from all the Prosecution formations at District or Superior Courts Level and to provide prosecutorial data to the Government.


The prime functions of the Data Management Cell are as under:

  • To establish District and Regional Coordination Centers
  • To create a data pool in the Center
  • To collect data from Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Court, all Regional Offices of High Court, Special Courts including Anti-Corruption Courts, Drug Courts, Consumer Courts, Environmental Tribunal, Courts of Special Judicial Magistrates and District Courts including Magisterial Courts and Courts of Sessions on available data formats/proformas
  • To circulate new formats / proformas to all concerned Prosecutors for collection of data
  • To consolidate the collected data in the data pool of the Center
  • To collect the data of special assignments entrusted through Secretary Public Prosecution Department, Prosecutor General, Punjab, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and International Agencies
  • To present data to the Competent Authority on approved formats as required by the authority